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Self care: The antidote to vulnerability

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Self care is a term thrown around in coaching, psychology, and commercial circles. It has been

co-opted by the “treat yourself" culture. “Get your nails done or buy something cute,” we are

told. While these things are certainly fun, they minimize what self care can be: An antidote for


Vulnerabilities are the temporary conditions that make it difficult for us to live and act on our

values. The most well known example of vulnerability is HALT: Hungry. Angry. Loney. Tired. All

of these states alter our ability to emotionally regulate. Hangry is real! It does not make sense to

go ask your boss for a raise when you have not eaten lunch and you only slept a couple of

hours the night before.

Self care is the clinical term for actions you take to reduce vulnerability. Tired? Go to bed early.

Hungry? Have a snack. Part of the work in coaching is to find the actions that are specific to you

and actually successful. Shame reaction? If meditating doesn’t do it for you, let’s try a

kickboxing class. Even if we have to experiment, try new things, or think outside the box, the

answer is out there.

Finding the right self care at the right time can lengthen your life, increase your sense of well

being, and generally make life easier. Are you ready to start figuring out your vulnerabilities and

what self care works for you?


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