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Navigation By Imagination

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Imagination is the universal navigator through problems and pain. Despair, happiness, sadness,

fear, excitement, anxiety, and abandonment are but a few inventive emotional states. They can

drive terrible, self-destructive behaviors like eating disorders or addiction. They are also potent

motivators and tap into our creative powers.

There are, of course, the well-documented trance states cultivated by prisoners of war and the

mental rehearsals used by elite soldiers and pro-athletes. Guided imagery is used as part of

meditation and creating a “safe space” in the mind’s eye is a staple of coaching. Those of us

with anxiety and depression are fully aware of the imagination’s power. Damn, we can come up

with some tragic scenarios. During 2020, every time something went wrong, I would future-trip

so hard that my family would end up homeless. Terror does not begin to describe the things I lived

through in my own thoughts. But future tripping and guided imagery are two sides of the same

superpower coin.

Like any good superpower, using your imagination for good drives initiative and determination. It

allows you to use the skills you already have at your disposal. By flipping the script on the

depressive and anxious thoughts, we can access the authentic ingenuity necessary to create a

life worth living. Your imagination unlocks your original and real purpose through creative

resourcefulness. In the coaching process, we can tap into your imagination in a positive and

productive way.


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