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Instruments, Not Ornaments

Research has shown that 80% of women describe how they look when they are asked how they

feel about their bodies. By age 2 or 3, we start understanding what makes us valuable and

worthy from the messages our parents and from society at large, and by age 6 or 7, we start to

connect that our worth, at least socially, is directly related to how our bodies look. We are

taught, and then we believe, that our bodies are ornaments.

The damage of these “messages turned beliefs” is incalculable. Do you avoid the beach, even

though you love the water, because of how you look in a bathing suit? Do you change your

clothes a hundred times in the morning because nothing feels right? Have you ever tried a diet?

Of course, you do and you have. You are a person in America. All of us have missed out on

things we love and wasted our precious time because of the belief that our bodies “do not look


You know what I am talking about, so how do we fix the problem? I would love to tell you that I

have a diet for you but literally EVERY SINGLE study for the last 75 years has said that

intentional weight loss does not work. Every damn one.

The actual solution is to redefine health. We have to see our bodies as instruments, in terms of

their function. Does my body do what I need it to do? Can you hug your loved ones? Swim?

Netfilx and chill? We can reclaim our time and our space when we move from seeing our bodies

as instruments, not ornaments. It is a crucial step in creating a life worth living and being who

we are meant to be.


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